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Product Name: Cleaning Machinery
Type: QL-2100F-1、QL-3100F
Unit Price: 0
Size: Dimens(cm): 52x32x30
Place Of Origin: China
Remark: Pressure: 70bar(1015psi) 90bar(1300psi)!!Max Pressure: 140bar(2030psi)、160bar(2320psi)!!Flow: 396 l/hour、360 l/hour !!Motive Power: 1200W、1500W!!Supply Power: 120V/60Hz 230V/50Hz、 120V/60Hz 230V/50Hz!!Weight: 13kg、14kg!!Dimens(cm): 52x32x30、52x32x30 !!Accessories: 1.Spray Gun!!2.Water Outlet Hose(5m)!!3.Soap Bottle

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